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What is the ‘Shainin Methodology’?

Process Maturity versus Shainin Methodology
Process Maturity versus Shainin Methodology
  • The ‘Shainin Methodology’ is named after it's creator, Dorian Shainin
  • It is one of the two improvement methodologies that emerged out of Motorola, after being awarded the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge Award for Quality in 1989, the other was Six Sigma
  • The ‘Shainin Methodology’ is a particularly effective method of resolving long-standing, ‘chronic’, problems in otherwise stable, well controlled environments
  • It uses a detailed roadmap having the following stages:
  • Define the problem
  • Look for clues (likely potential causes)
  • Validate which causes are most important
  • Optimise
  • Safeguard the optimisation
  • Like Six Sigma, the ‘Shainin Methodology’ uses many statistical tools. However, the main focus is on practical tools which ‘everyone can use’

Why we get results

  • We have substantial experience deploying the ‘Shainin Methodology’
  • We can help you specify the best approach for your business (see Diagnostics for more details), or simply provide whatever consultancy, training and coaching you require
  • We're practical and pragmatic - our focus is always on getting results (we’re practitioners - not just trainers!)
  • We tailor our services and approach to meet your needs (please see methodology deployment requirements diagram below)

There are three main Methodology Deployment options

There are three main Methodology Deployment options

There are three basic levels to deploy any methodology:

  • At a basic level a methodology can be used to solve a specific problem
  • Methodologies can also be deployed strategically to resolve strategic issues across the business.  Generally, this involves developing capability within the business to achieve this
  • Often, businesses decide to apply a uniform approach to business improvement across their entire business.  This, ‘total immersion’ approach, involves developing a ‘critical mass’ of capability within the company, with support structures to ensure that it is self-sustaining
  • We can help you, whatever deployment model you choose - please contact us to discuss your requirements

Capability Development

The level of capability development is an important factor in Strategic and ‘Total Immersion’ deployments

Stages of Capability Development: Training; doing supported by coaching; Community infra-structure development

Stages of Capability Development: Training; doing supported by coaching; Community infra-structure development
  • Training provides knowledge, but real understanding is only developed by doing
  • We offer a range of coaching services, to guide capability development and ensure that results are achieved.
  • Beyond having people that can do, you’ll need your own, sustainable, support structure to ensure the continued growth and success of your capability - we’ll help you create, or develop, your infra-structure to achieve this

Training, Coaching & Support

Besides full deployments, we also offer the individual components, to support and supplement existing programmes:

  • Training: bespoke and ‘off-the-shelf’ courses available.
  • Awareness
  • Champion
  • Practitioner
  • Coaching: 
  • A range bespoke of support options to ensure that both personal capability and business results are achieved.  These range from providing a full-time support team to remote support options, as appropriate
  • Coaching is important for the ‘Shainin Methodology’, particularly with some of the more statistical tools, which can be abstract and confusing for anyone not familiar with statistical analysis.  It is therefore essential to safeguard your investment in training by ensuring that the trainees have adequate support during their early projects
  • Community infra-structure: Bespoke services to design, develop and install appropriate capability support and development infra-structure.

Talk to the parts; they are smarter than the engineers

Dorian Shainin

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Next Steps

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Related Tools, Techniques & Methodologies

We offer consultancy (diagnostics, project definition, projects, deployments, training and coaching in the following 'Shainin Methodology' related tools and techniques:

Shainin Methodology Tools

  • Multi-vari chart
  • Concentration Diagrams (Measles chart)
  • Components search
  • Paired comparisons
  • Product search
  • Process search
  • Variables search
  • Full factorial DoE

  • B vs. C
  • Scatter Plots
  • Response Surface Methodology
  • Positrol
  • Process Certification
  • Pre-Control

More Methodologies & Tools

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