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Projects often need to repeat complex analyses regularly. For example: regularly calculating performance by going through a set of complex, and sometimes ‘mindblowingly boring’, tasks; or, performing a complex analysis to examine a process in a way that hasn’t been done before. Typically, these sorts of analyses aren’t ‘rocket science’ but they do require a huge amount of effort, knowledge and patience to make them happen. That’s fine if you only need to do it once, but not something you’d want to repeat too often without automating, or simplifying it to some degree.

What is the Data Solutions Service?

Data Solutions Examples
  • Our Data Solutions service offers custom solutions, automating and simplifying complex or arduous tasks, which would otherwise be impractical
  • These are usually spreadsheet based and written by us, with your input and involvement to ensure that the results meet your needs. However, we can also train and coach your team to write your own Data Analysis solutions
  • Note: if you just want to be able to manipulate your own data into a ‘useable format’, please see our Data Manipulation page
  • Most of our Data Solutions applications are written using Microsoft Excel, which means that there isn’t any new software to learn. This also means that it can be easily be adapted and maintained to keep up with the ever changing demands of dynamic project environments
  • Examples of our Data Analysis service have included:
  • Complex factory workload modelling, including strategic and sensitivity analysis
  • High complexity cost reduction project management (Pan-European, multi-site, multi-company, multi-management structure, multi-product)
  • National commodity stocking capability (sigma level variation by strategy)
  • National best demonstrated practice identification and reporting across dispersed multi-process business
  • Conversion of complex internal ‘system’ operating times into real times for analysis
  • Process Capability Analyses in form based spreadsheets (company didn't want to use statistical software)
  • Partial automation of specific data manipulation activities, converting and merging mainframe output data into required analysis and outputs
  • We undertake a wide range of Data Analysis assignments, but our starting point is always to understand what is really required, and establishing the best way of delivering the required result, whether or not it involves a custom Data Analysis Solution (we believe in openness and honesty)

Why we get results

  • We have over 25 years experience writing, training and coaching custom Data Solutions
  • We’re practical and pragmatic - our focus is always on getting results (we’re practitioners - not just trainers!)
  • We tailor our services and approach to meet your needs

Capability Development

The level of capability development is an important factor in Strategic and ‘Total Immersion’ deployments

Stages of Capability Development: Training; doing supported by coaching; Community infra-structure development

Stages of Capability Development: Training; doing supported by coaching; Community infra-structure development
  • Training provides knowledge, but real understanding is only developed by doing
  • We offer a range of coaching services, to guide capability development and ensure that results are achieved
  • Beyond having people that can do, you’ll need your own, sustainable, support structure to ensure the continued growth and success of your capability - we’ll help you create, or develop, your infra-structure to achieve this

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