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A commonly faced scenario in development and improvement projects is: “You finally have the data you need. You know what tools you’re going to use to analyse it. But, there's a problem… your data is not in the right ‘shape’ or format to be able to use it.” Now you’re faced with a difficult choice:

  1. Get new data in the right configuration?… (this could take a while, and may also be costly)
  2. Do a different analysis?… (will this give you the desired result?)
  3. Cut out most of the data?… (may be valid, if it’s still representative)
  4. Arduously sort through the data and try to get it into the right configuration?… (painful and error prone)

Or alternatively, you could just use some data manipulation techniques to convert data into the right configuration!

What is Data Manipulation?

Data Manipulation is the essential link between having data and being able do something useful with it!
  • Data Manipulation is a set of techniques to manipulate the data you have into the format and configuration that you need it in. Typically, there are three main issues:
  • Format - Data comes in many different formats, including: Plain text, Printer Dumps, Comma Separated Values, Tab Delimited, ASCII and similar formats (.txt, .prn, .csv, etc). That’s fine, but you need it in Excel, or Minitab or another package's format
  • Configuration - Your data needs to be arranged in a specific way to suit whatever programme you're using to analyse the data. It is unlikely that your data will be arranged in the specific way you need it
  • Fragmentation - Sometimes the data you need is split in different files. You need to be able to join the data together coherently, easily, quickly, and most importantly, with confidence that it is correct
  • Most data is manipulated using spreadsheets (usually Microsoft Excel), with the occasional use of databases and statistical software, such as Minitab™ when appropriate
  • Most of the techniques aren’t difficult, but take some tuition and practice to become proficient
  • Data manipulation techniques offer a very high return on investment, as they are a key enabler for the powerful data driven tools you’ve probably already invested in (if you haven’t, please see our Statistical Tools page)
  • Practitioners trained in Data Manipulation techniques generally produce much higher quality analyses in a fraction of the time of their colleagues. They also get results that weren’t previously possible!

Why we get results

  • We have over 25 years experience using, training and coaching Data Manipulation techniques
  • We’re practical and pragmatic - our focus is always on getting results (we’re practitioners - not just trainers!)
  • We tailor our services and approach to meet your needs

Capability Development

The level of capability development is an important factor in Strategic and ‘Total Immersion’ deployments

Stages of Capability Development: Training; doing supported by coaching; Community infra-structure development

Stages of Capability Development: Training; doing supported by coaching; Community infra-structure development
  • Training provides knowledge, but real understanding is only developed by doing
  • We offer a range of coaching services, to guide capability development and ensure that results are achieved
  • Beyond having people that can do, you’ll need your own, sustainable, support structure to ensure the continued growth and success of your capability - we’ll help you create, or develop, your infra-structure to achieve this

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