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The learning curve is steep - that’s why you need help to climb it!

We train people because we want them to be able to ‘do’, but training is only the first step on the journey of developing real capability. Real understanding comes through doing, but this can be a slow process, which often causes frustration for both the trainee and their managers. In most cases, this ‘slow’ development is due to a handful of causes:

  • Few to opportunities to apply the new knowledge. This is often due to poor identification of the course, or corporate or personal needs. This must be pro-actively addressed as there is very little opportunity for retrospective change
  • Lack of management commitment to change. Many organisations send people on training and either:
  • expect them to be able to do things differently on their return (without any real experience); or
  • pay ‘lip service’ to ‘doing things differently’.
  • Commitment to change means that Managers should follow up training, demanding the appropriate changes, whilst providing the necessary support to ensure success
  • Lack of support to overcome ‘real world’ situations. Classroom training can never replicate the complexity of the ‘real world’, so it’s not surprising that people struggle with real application when they get back to their work. They need help to reinforce the new knowledge they have learned and convert it into competence. This provides a platform to build on, but as their competence continues to grow, their reliance on help will diminish and soon they’ll be able to help others

We’re always happy to help our clients select the right courses to address their needs. Our Coaching service is bespoke and is different for every engagement, as outlined below:

Coaching Focus

We have two different types of coaching engagement:

  1. Goal delivery focus - typically, this involves coaching all stakeholders around specific changes, whether they’re the primary trainees or not! This ensures that the change is successful in the organisation
  2. Tool, Techniques & Methodology focus - generally, this is about reinforcing the knowledge trained, and mentoring / guiding the trainees through the ‘real world’ issues they’ll face in their projects. In essence, it’s about producing fully competent practitioners

Engagement Formats

The learning curve is steep - that’s why you need help to climb it!

Each engagement is different and so is its requirement for coaching. We are flexible to meet the needs of our clients and offer a wide range of coaching formats including ad-hoc support, scheduled remote coaching, personal coaching sessions, team coaching sessions. We can cover low-dependency coaching all the way through to multi-consultant multi-site high-dependency support.

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Integrated Training & Coaching

Integrated training and coaching offers seamless, rapid capability development. This service is comprised of:

  • a shorter, intensive, training programme, designed to impart basic knowledge and skills
  • followed by coaching to develop real understanding and the delegates’ ‘ability to do’ in the working environment

This is an extremely cost effective and highly value-added approach, providing rapid capability development and results!

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