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Product Reviews are challenging, but fun!

Product design is often rushed through many stages of development - many of which are critical to quality and cost.  Additionally, we generally don’t get time to design everything from first principles.  Thus,  product designs are typically based on many assumptions and compromises.  These factors result in inevitable errors, under-engineering, over-engineering and functional redundancy.

What are Product Reviews?

  • Focussed, critical reviews of current or developmental products, identifying specific & systemic causes of inadequate performance (ie. product deficiencies and the business processes responsible for generating them)
  • Actions are agreed to contain, modify, or re-design
  • We tailor each Product Review to suit the specific issues facing your business
  • Product Reviews are typically completed with you, or your team and typically take one to four weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the product, or products being analysed

Why we get results

  • We review your products from a fresh, unbiased, perspective enabling us to challenge all aspects of the design
  • We have substantial experience conducting Product Reviews across many different industries
  • We use a wide variety of tools and techniques to gain deep understanding how and why the product works, as well as its flaws and inefficiencies and maintain focus on design efficiency. 
  • The Products are ‘critiqued’ using a combination of logic, comparison and experience and actions are agreed to contain, modify or re-design, as appropriate
  • Your people are a key part of the Product Review.  We engage with them as much as possible to ensure ownership of the review and results.  This is especially important with product design, as it Product Designers and Engineers often feel a strong personal connection with their products.  Engagement ensures that they believe in the results and are committed to any resulting change programmes

Products are often the result of great people operating within poor processes…

…imagine the true potential!

Staff Development

  • We believe in passing on our skills and knowledge to you and your team, providing opportunities for personal growth
  • Development of staff to be capable of performing Product Reviews can be achieved in parallel with the Product Reviews
  • We also offer formal classroom training, skills assessments and coaching where required.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements


  • We also offer bespoke training courses and coaching in Product Reviews
  • Courses are tailored to suit: business needs and expectations, business process and product maturity, needs of the audience, support structure, etc
  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Next Steps

  • We'd be glad to provide more details, or discuss your requirements with you. Please contact us

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